May 7, 2003
Dr. Harding won Hottel Award
Dr. Geoffrey Lester harding's multinational contributions in the field of sloar thermal heating have helped our solar hot water heater become the leader appliation of the world.
May 7, 2003
Maryland achievement
Established a distributor at Maryland
May 4, 2003
New York installations
Finished remarkable installation projects at New York
May 2, 2003
Active member of ASES
Renewable Energy Inc. became a member of American Solar Energy Society.
Product Details
This item is a complete 40 Gallon Thermosyphon Solar Hot Water System.  It has a 40 Gallon Storage Tank complete with 24 evacuated tubes.
No electricity is required - only a water source for filling the tank. This water source may be from a well or mains supply and the desired hot water flow into the house can be achieved either by natural gravity from tank above or the additional use of a pressure pump (Solar DC or Mains AC).
Hot water output:(40℃) 665L
Available Range: 5-7 people
Gross Weight: 120kg
Aperture Area: 2.93m
Absorber Area: 1.83m
Diameter of Tube: Ф58 mm
Length of Tube: 2000 mm
Type of Tube: TYY-AA / TYYMC
Inner/Outer Diameter of Tank: Ф375/Ф475 mm
Insulating Layer: Foaming polyurethane, Thickness: 50mm, ρ=36kg/m, K=0.0035w/m.k
Outer Tank: Painted steel-0.4mm/ Stainless steel SUS304-0.4mm
Inner Tank: Stainless steel SUS304-0.6mm, Argon welding technology
Inlet/Outlet Pipe: 1/2″
Copper coil diameter: 12mm
Copper coil thickness: 1mm
Copper coil length: 35m
Optimal flow rate: 7L/min
Pressure tolerance for copper coil: Working pressure: 3Pa~6Pa, Testing pressure: 8Pa.
Sealing Rubber: 110 Methylsilicone Rubber with Vinyl
Dustproof Rubber: EPDM
Tail Stock: ABS Plastic material
Frame Coated galvanized steel-1.5mm/ Stainless steel SUS430-1.5mm
Reflector Aluminum component: AL 99.85% surface oxidation treatment
Frame Angle: 38/45
Daily Efficiency: >65%
Heat Loss Coefficient: 9.5w/m.k
This item is a complete 40 Gallon Thermosyphon Solar Hot Water System.  Get hot water on demand! Low cost, affordable hot water heating.

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